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2021 Toyota Venza


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@Booms  This is the same thing with the Lexus NX SUV's ,  my questions are =

Do you think they can still be tinted?

Are you going to not tint them at all (just pass) ?

Or go ahead and tint them without using a blade? 


Thanks :thanks 

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On 8/7/2021 at 9:43 AM, Guest 2021Venza Limited Owner said:

If the UV coating is scatched is it repairable or replaceable?


No it isn't. The only way forward from that point is to either remove the rest of the coating entirely or replace the glass.

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Guest Angelos window tint

 use stainless steel blades to remove the coating  and  do not apply water  while removing it cover or remove the whole  door  panel  because the coating will turn in to dust ,it takes time but is the cheapest and easiest way  to do it

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