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New tinter, please help!


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I'm just starting out tinting. I'm a mechanic with about 15 years experience, and I'm only planning on tinting my own projects. I do a lot of custom or restoration work, so I'll usually already have the windows out when I tint.

My first trial run was my daily 03 Silverado. I bought some supposedly Huper Optik Ceramic from Ebay in a small rolls, 10 ft. Figured I'm not out much if it isn't actually the real stuff since I'll probably screw up the first few windows anyway. 

These bubbles show up on the windows. It's been over a week out in the sun. What caused them and/or is there any way to fix them?

I also am having trouble getting the rear window to get tight all the way up to the black border, right at the border it doesn't want to suck in. Would heat help?


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2 hours ago, mitch_04 said:

Thanks, any advice on how to prevent this on the next time? I used tint slime, but maybe I didn't put enough water on the tint and window?

I see a prep or install issue, not solution? If your mix isn’t beading off the glass you’re fine. Clean everything including the seals in the top and side with the window down first then again until paper towels don’t come up black with old rubber. All in the prep and squeegee cleaning methods.

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Also the pattern you cut and your expectations
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