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Frost square pattern

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Hello all. I searched through this forum and didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Question for those who do much more flat glass than I. I have a customer opening a Japanese restaurant and wants the front done in White frost...He wants it to be separated into 4-5 sections or squares like below..Is there any trick to making sure all of these line up and look uniform other than a tape measure? Also how much do you normally up charge for doing something like this? 


Thanks for your advice and help. 


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That's a tiny picture. lol 


I did a job sorta-kindof-not really similar, but similar. 


Disregard the post-it notes. :lol


The way I did it, and would do the job you asked about, was have each column cut out by my sign guy masked and weeded. So basically you would have 10 sheets for each pane of glass with the frosted film pre-cut to the measurements with the reveals. So you put the first column on.. top and bottom.. then just line up the rest as you go left-2-right. 


The only other option, that I know of, would be to frost the whole pane... get a straight edge and cut out the reveals. Too much freaking labor and to hard to get it all lined up, IMO. Just easier to have it all cut in sheets that you just put on. 





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As for the charge - I can't remember what I did for that... but I normally charge my normal rate for frosted film... then add on what my sign guy charges to cut/mask/weed it... and then some extra since it will take time to line it up as I apply it. 



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