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Building Glass with internal Coating Issues

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went to see a job few days ago for someone I know. a 7 story building. 


The glass is about 12 years old has a bluish fairly reflective look from outside looking in, but the colour comes from a coating on the back of the glass. Over the years people have scratched the glass and some windows have lines which you can see bright daylight as if no tint. 


Also about half the windows have vkool which is starting to fail and look bad. 


It would seem almost impossible to remove the old film and glue without damaging the coating on the inside of the glass which would make the window look patchy and terrible.


Ideas welcome





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No ideas, but yeah.. if the coating is on the glass between the glass & film... removing the old film is bound to damage or remove that coating. 


Maybe it would just come off as you remove the failed film?? Then just refilm to whatever they want to use? 


Obviously, if it happens even a tiny bit.. you either have to do it all or none. Uniformity would need to be achieved. IMO



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