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help request / ppf installation

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Hello all. I wanted to ask you for help. Yesterday I picked up a car from a detailing studio that installed ppf foil on my car.
I do not know anything about it, but I am not satisfied with the service. I want to ask for your opinion.
Each element has bubbles, visible rubbish under the foil, stretch marks and badly cut elements, especially at the corners. 

Installers say that dirt, dust, garbage and human hair under the foil are normal things. Multiple stretch marks are also normal.

I attach photos. What do you think?











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Taken as a whole, it doesn't look 'horrible' and some of those are air bubbles that can be fixed very quickly (Like in the 1st picture).  Some of the film edges are just a bit further away from an edge of a panel than I personally would like, but if it's a kit installation, then that can be within normal variation I guess.  I also saw maybe some champagne bubbles indicating over stretching maybe.


But, I would offer to re-do contaminated spots if my customer saw something that I missed.  (Which is extremely rare as I give my jobs a very thorough check over before I deliver the job.


Maybe a couple specs on an entire installation would 'pass' but not one per panel.

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Most of that is fixable.  The bubbles can be popped as mentioned and many of those edges can be trimmed so they're not frayed.  


Honestly a jeep is a really tough install and with all those curves there's not much to tack too so the stretch marks are going to be there.  Some vehicles are just not great for film.  


I would at least give him a chance to fix it.  

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