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New to the forum, questions about “scratches”

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First off, I am old to automotive world. I did bodywork, collision, paint for yrs and now ironically of course the boards have flipped entirely because I sell cars at a small town but big player dealership. I know a thing or 2 about tint. I worked for a VERY high end detail shop and did PPF/vinyl install as well as ceramic coatings, the type you mix and pour into a paint gun and apply not the shitty wipe out, let sit and wipe off ceramic coatings...$800-2,000 jobs. I have tinted large ford passenger vans (E-series) but these are super easy...the huge ass back windows...a 7th Grader with an artistic ability could do a passable job for a church van lol. Wasn’t perfect but for a church we charged $300....good enough. 


here is my problem: I live in a very small mountain town (Everybody knows everybody type of place I am not from here, I’m the city-guy asshole as far as everybody is concerned Despite being here years and years). Wife bought a new 2020 Mustang, I sold it to her, it was new, flawless, with 15miles on it....she took it for a tint job today, when I came home and saw it I noticed about half sized hair thin scratches or line (they are all running laterally), tiny was done at 9am, finished by 11am/noon....it was hot all day. All the windows look flawless except the rear windshield: where all these tiny micro scratches happen to be.


When she was called to come pick it up the guy said, “yeah it’s ready, and said there was “one thing he needed to show her”....when she arrived she immediately noticed a lot of laterally running scratches on rear windshield. Tint guy immediately rebounded her hard with and insisted the scratches “were from factory” and her car has had some “wear and tear”....that was the first comment out of his mouth....covering his ass.


My wife is a former ASE mechanic from a different life (and boys she ain’t ugly). brand new 5.0 2020 Mustang. 2 month ago when bought, and was flawless in every aspect and has been, only I wash it and I worked as a high end Detailer for a place where gwagon G 65s (not 63’s) were the norm. Ferris’s, RS Americana (80’s) Porsche...you get the paint. So there are zero scratches on paint or glass and nobody else or machines touch or wash any of our cars.  

First words out of her mouth to me:

She asked me, “I thought glass couldn’t be scratched, without a DLC or similar abrasive ...?) DLC= diamond like coating. 

I did not go with my wife when she picked up the mustang from the Tint guy. I was impressed with all the windows except the rear windshield the tint guy told her, her rear windshield was “scratched on the inside from factory”...These tiny little lateral scratches can be seen throughout the entire windshield at the proper angle with a flashlight...a shitload of them...EVERYWHERE.  I’ve been to a Ford manufacturing plant and when they install either windshields they are suctioned cups and a rubber side clip “Soft” clamps on each side on a swing arm machine to inlay the glass.... Every Ford is thoroughly inspected and actually run and driven before it leaves the factory. Scratches like these if inside the glass would’ve noticed. If the glass inspector (ford factory) is even questionable about a certain window, both on the inside or out ....they have a tool similar to a hand held UV light (no it’s not UV folks...just looks like one, not sure what it is) however this tool allows the inspector to easily look for small fractions or scratches in the glass. It illuminates them via I am guessing refraction or reverse infraction of light, hell I’m not a lumen specialist, there are tolerance levels but the scratches on my wife’s rear windshield are everywhere, and I, we, and she did not notice a damn thing at any point beforehand. 


*****The midsection the sides micro or even nano scratches everywhere it’s almost like his squeegee had some kind of diamond edge treated or accidentally clung onto something very abrasive or he dropped it and some shit got on it. Other 4 windows (front sides and rear non movable quarter windows ...small triangles): FLAWLESS. So why just the back glass?


I’m not an idiot it takes a lot to scratch glass all of the defrosters were intact. But for him to tell her her brand new mustang had defective back glass, he claims he never once used a razor blade, I’m not sure if he’s got a plotter, but there are no external rear windshield scratches. The back glass has never been touched and I know for a fact when it left the dealership it was in prime and “prime” perfect condition, wife is anal...she inspected EVERYTHING. 


I do not know if this guy has a plotter, last i visited he wouldn’t allow me back in work area, which for tinter’s is strange because I’m close with all of them (only 3 in the entire town “city”. It’s dirty as shit i get it...i did body work for years...i don’t care) usually the dirtiest or the very cleanest shops are the ones doing the best work, lol. However I did not see a plotter and he could have hand trimmed the tint right on top of the rear windshield But this still doesn’t explain scratches on the inside of windshield. 

possible outcomes or “why” “how” this happened? 

1.) he just straight up lied to cover his ass

2.) he made a mistake and scratched inside of glass or Scratches the actual tint film Itself with a dirty squeegee

3.) something else unknown to me you guys might know...?


***pics attached we could not get any good angle shots of the scratches running through the midsection of rear glass, it was night, flashlight, you get it. But these pics are after outside of glass had been wiped with ONR and proper baby blue lint free towel. 






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Forum wouldn’t allow me to upload pics in original text post, I probably write too much. Trying to be as thorough as possible.
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This is from the factory because the scratches are in the ceramic black part of the window. This is hidden under the sealant area of which the film cannot not go that far down

Most likely done at the manufacture. or they broke the glass at the dealer ship and had another one installed by a bad installer. The first picture says it all because its is in the black out area. This can only be scratched if you have the glass out of the car.

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All it takes is a new guy at either shop to pull this off. These have free trash on the glass that’ll show up white in the bottom corners inside. Something that’s happening while they’re building em. Grease or glue. Unless the car was absolutely covered in dirt I can’t see a tinter pulling off the outside scratches without some real effort though? A porter at dealership who’s ignorant with a rusty razor blade pulling a shipping label off oh yeah. That bottom passenger outside the glass scratch? My magic 8 ball says dealership. 

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