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have to move to new location

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i am on presently main road location and lease is up  and have to move  due rent  landlord greed  low income area  etc . I have a good presence on google . From anyone who has moved from a main street to a side road . What was your experience?. These high rents people are charging for being on a main road are crazy? or any thing pos or neg when moving to a new location . thanks 

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I was at my old shop for 14 years, I moved 3 years ago for similar reasons. I might have to move again for the same reasons.  I'm more comfortable moving now than last time because I moved close to my old location.  My customers still followed me and found me online.  I took a slight hit the first year, but been rocking the last two.  Bottom line, most customers find me online before they show up.  Look at the big picture. If your new place is close by, will save you some money, is nicer and you have on line presences, you should be fine.

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i am in orlando . thats what i was thinking just do more on line promotion .videos . I need more space and a main rd location to get good sq ft its just too much in the winter months .these landlords want to keep raising rent when they see you being busy but refuse to spend a penny to maintain there property .

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