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My state legal limit is 35 with 5 percent variance.  I got my stock windows measured at 75. I told this tint place that has IRX my stock ones were measured 75 percent from factory, she told me the IRX 35 wouldn’t take it below 30. She told me the factory tint is a little different when combined with a film and wouldn’t bring it down below 30 if I use the 35 tint.


She seemed pretty confident, is she right?


If I take .75 times .38 (IRX 35) I get 28 percent tint combined?

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10 hours ago, no ma'am said:

Have the same shop measure it now? Instead of asking a 3rd party with less info?

I haven’t had the tint put on yet. She was saying that although the stock windows measure at 75, it’s not a true tint and that it won’t bring the actual tint percentage down but only 2-3 percentages, not like a true 75 percent tint would. I’m just wondering if that has been your guys experience as well with stock windows?


i plan on taking to a shop and have them hold tint up to the window and measure to see if it’s true. 

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i had a local installer hold the global ceramic qdp 38 (measures at 38 I believe) up to my front window and measure. It came out to 27


Not going with Global but do you guys think I should go with 35 or 40 percent tint. I've seen 35 but never 40, not sure if 40 would be a waste of money

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Most 40% film will meter out about 32 to 34.  A 35 will meter out under 30.


QDPC 38 should have metered out closer to 30. Bear in mind that film with liner and not installed will be a bit off on the meter. 

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I would have to agree with @Ryker , something seems a little off with those numbers.  I install QDP40% all day and 30% is the lowest number I get on most any type of manufacturer.  The 4Runners with the yellow(kaki) color windows sometimes meter 29% with 40% film.  VW's have that bluish glass but it still doesn't meter illegal with 40%. 

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