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sun strip for rear windsheild

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Hi all, I know it's common for people to ask for the front windshield sun strip/ sun visor. Sometimes 4", sometimes more like 6".


I'm wondering if anyone has seen it done for the rear window/rear windshield?

I'm an end user currently with 20% on the rear windshield. Factory glass has no tint. During some circumstances, 20% on the rear glass isn't dark enough for me. At the same time, I think 5% on the rear glass would be too dark under certain circumstances at night. So as a middle ground, I'm thinking of stacking a 20% 6" strip across the top of the rear windshield/rear window where I currently have 20%. From the outside, I think it would not be so obvious, from the inside you can probably definitely tell. Thoughts on this? Is it ridiculous?

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