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Hey everyone, I just started my tinting business about 3 months ago, started as a mobile tinter now i work out of a garage. So, the problem I’m having is getting customers, I’m located  in central Jersey. I have been doing about 3 cars a week unsteady and this week pretty much nothing ( my guess is the holidays ) . I advertise mainly on Facebook and very little on Yelp. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, or is what I’m experiencing normal? Any advice would help a great deal . Thank you all. 

also, as a new business how many cars should I expect during busier seasons. 

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2 hours ago, drtint said:

Jersey is tough my friend.

in the last four years, they have put an insane amount of restrictions on you.

that is may I went south

from what I see, it’s not stopping anyone from getting tinted. Almost every car the passes me has tint on there vehicle new or old. 

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12 hours ago, Jerry Hernandez said:

This year is kinda weird cuz of Covid, cuz you shouldn't see three cars a week in this season. MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR BUSINESS UP ON GOOGLE MAPS AND CLAIM IT!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Yelp is great, but around here I get about 90% of business from Google searches.

Should I be seeing more or less ? I already am set up on google and maps, I completely agree with you that google is #1 to get your name out there. Probably because a lot of people are still out of work and doing anything to keep em busy I’d assume 

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