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Advice on scratched window...


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I need some advice on these scratches - I got my Audi A1 rear windows tinted 5% yesterday, I was recommended the shop by a couple of friends, I noticed today on one of the rear passenger windows that there are quite a few scratches on the outside surface in the same direction. I noticed quite a few scratches in other places as well which I was willing to oversee but then I noticed this (please see image).


I don't want to accuse the shop if I don't have to, the car is a few years old and didn't have any previous tint but I've never noticed these scratches before. Please could you tell me whether it is likely these scratches could have been caused by the tint shop when fitting the window tints. When I collected the car I saw some very young lads working there who looked like they had just left school and were learning the trade so maybe the guy thought because it is a cheaper car he would let them do it?


Please note the orientation of the image, you can see in the top right corner the top of the window sill.





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That's likely from the window rolling up and down and getting fine vertical scratches from debris in the felt flaps at bottom of the frame.


Not your tinter's fault and there is nothing we do that would cause those kinds of scratches on the outside.


Usually these types of fine scratches aren't noticed until there is tint on it to give it contrast, so it's not unusual for people to blame the tinter for defects that were already there, but not noticeable until tinted. 


There are some kinds of scratches tinters can cause, during trimming and interior prep, but those are neither.

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That is definitely now from an installer, even if it were Ray Charles. 
cut scratches would have been around the outside edge of the the glass where it is cut.

keep in mind, any scratches on the interior area on the outside of glass is more pronounced when film is added to the inside.

hope this helps

PS, Chevy truck front doors are notorious for this.


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Can you take a full picture and a picture of the brand of glass.  That looks a lot like when someone tries to scrape a sticker off of the outside of the glass with a razorblade.  See it a lot on replacement windows.

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