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Security Film Installation Questions

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Hello, new here to the forums. Been tinting for about 10yrs now and just got into 4mil security film. Primarily on the front windows of police cars for a big client I do normal undercover tint for. I don’t have any experience in it and can seem to get it lay clean without streak. Usually on first pass. I’m using tint slime the super slip mix. Well tried the normal green stuff too. Using with a bluemax as well as orange crush. Same issues. Am I missing something here with solution? Should I be using baby shampoo? Seems to be a solution problem. I’m using bottled packaged distilled water. Clean spray bottles. I’m bottom loading just fine, it’s not dragging while placing. But when I squeegee I get what looks like adhesive streak or dried air bubbles from spraying. The film I’m using is 3m Scotchshield 4mil in clear. Any help, tips would be greatly appreciated. - josh 

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I have had in the past very similar problems with security film when using Green Slime or shampoo.
I then tried "Film Handler Slip Ease" which seems to solve the problem and gives a much cleaner finish, so possibly try that.
Ryker's comment about not dragging moisture over bits already squeegeed is also good advice.
Security film has lots of differences to car films and is a frustrating skill to get to grips with, but like other tinting skills its practise and trying different methods , different, solutions, different cleaning regimes, different squeegee hardness etc.

One large shop window we did kept getting white streaks what ever we did. It had involved removal of old film first and even though the window had been scraped with blades, and scrubbed with white scrubby pads we kept getting streaks. Even had a Film Manufacturer consultant with 25+ years of installation experience come and look at the window and do an install himself. Same result.
Eventually we scrubbed every inch of the glass with isopropanol and wire wool for several hours until we could see water and slip solution run down the glass evenly without clearing in patches and used the slip ease. That got it done. So it was a massive learning curve for us and the consultant.

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You mentioned dry bubbles. Are you spraying the glass as well as the film? Sounds like you need more solution coverage.

dry bubbles and milk lines mean you are not getting a uniform disbursement of the solution between the glass and the adhesive.

let me know


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Yeah slip solution both glass and film. Bottom loading as well with gasket out. Moves nice with no drag. It just when I go on first pass I’m getting a small “milk” line every try. Going to be at it again hopefully this week. Ordered some different solution mentioned earlier. Plan to excessively clean glass as well with steel wool too.

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