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Should i keep the key on while tinting?

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So ive been practicing tinting on my truck and i never had a problem where the battery dies but today i practiced on a window and about an hours later when i was going out the trucks battery was dead. Was it just my trucks oldness (its an 01 ranger) or should i only be keeping the key on while im moving the windows up and down? By the way today i did my first official tint job on a van, hopefully the guy had no battery problems.

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Most good batteries will last with the ignition on about one hour as long as you turn off the headlights, turn off the radio and make sure the Air hot and cold are off!  You still want to turn off the car if you're working on the back to reduce the risk of a dead battery. Keep a jumper around cuz even new cars can die quickly.

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Turn off everything that can be turned of with the key on. IE interior exterior lights,a/c , radio, seat warmers etc. my standard operating procedure is key on tint driver side then start car for 5 minutes. Key on and install passenger side. This will work on most cars. GM, Ford and Hondas get a battery maintainer applied. You do not want to run out of juice as on most modern cars this will throw low voltage codes that can make a lot of lights on the dash go off. A quick drive usually turns them back off. 

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