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Oh,, By the way

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Let's play a little game called "Oh,, By the way"  

Things you need to know that the customer fails to tell you.  :lol 


Try to keep it tint related and please, Keep it clean and have fun.  


started this because of one I had today and thought we all could have a little fun with this.  


I'll start with, 


Got and early 2000 S-10 in today. 

Oh, BTW =  The drivers window has film that needs removing. We tried to clean the passenger window but left glue around the top edge so the window is glued to the rubber.  

"           " = The rear window has film on it that needs to be removed, but I'm gonna act like I didn't realize that.  

"          " =  The plastic is brittle so you can't open the extended cab wing windows to do them properly.  


Grrrr,,,    :mad     


Okay guys,, your turn.  Keep it going. Have some fun with this.  

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Little different double BTW.

Yeah its a novel..Suck it up and buckle up😁


Flat Glass job . Get to house to install DC on an odd +/- 50"x60", poor access upstairs window that faces street the custy does not want the hassle of drapes or blinds on.

1st BTW... Zero mention on W/O about the removal of alligatored old sun control on the work order. I thought it was an over the phone quote. "Hey custy ...the removal is not mentioned on W/O. It will take some extra time and clean up not accounted for in the price". "I have to call shop to make sure its been addressed properly, This should have added to the cost of the project. I must also let Scheduling know I'll be longer ". Custy....." No problem, Sales guy was here and saw it. Not sure why he did not include the time. I'm fine with an added charge".

"Hey Scheduling ..I'll be longer ... Sales did not mention removal of film and I have to call him for up-charge or not and then get to it"

Scheduling..."No problem..hes in the office He should pick up."

Called Sales "Hey...You did not include for the removal ,That's chargeable time and fowls up scheduling" .


2nd BTW..... ( Custy can hear it all through phone . She went from very pleasant to ANGRY🤬🤬) She asked for my cell to talk to Sales ...


" I'm not very pleased with how you talk to your crew you Jack@$$. I heard every word you said and I told you when you were here to measure up that I'm fine with all costs related to RE and RE. ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MORON TALKING ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT? I'LL BE HAVING A CHAT WITH THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY!!!!!!"

She promptly handed me back the phone while I stood there a few seconds mouth and eyes wide open struggling to believe this just happened. She was back to pleasant demeanor to me ,but still hot about the sales guy while she called the owner on her cell.

Dude became a former sales guy very quickly .


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BTW, I wont be able to pick it up until after hours, oh and I need a ride to work and back, and my dog rides in the back, hope you don't mind the hair, oh and one of the windows doesn't work.


BTW, your competition is cheaper, can you match the price?


Hope the baby seat isn't in the way.


Sorry about the smell, I think a mouse died under the seat.



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Waited late for a guy to come in after he got off work, gets there and its hours past closing already..... BTW "it had tint on it already I just ripped it off for you." its all glue....

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BTW,   My back doors don't open, hopefully that's not an issue.


BTW,   I have to be at work in an hour how long will this take? (They were 3 hours past when it was supposed to be dropped off and the job was to tint all windows on an Expedition)


BTW from the custy = Bring Your Wallet cause it's gonna cost you extra.

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