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Older car

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I tinted a 05 accord.  Well, 16 yrs old removed front panels. Both latch cable plastic broke. $240 cad I shouldn’t have. Rear original tint was bad anyway. But trying to do quality work ended up broke my own pocket. Was it worth it ? 


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That sucks man.


Can't help but think, if a mechanic was working on a car and has something else so worn out it broke too...they would just call and say there's going to be additional costs. Can we not do the same?

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Plastic gets brittle with age. Unless you gorilla handled it it could not be avoided.

as I’m sure most of the people here have found a new door panel typically comes off easily when fairly new, 8 10 14 yrs later same panel parts can crumble.

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I would say 90% of those clips break or have already been broke on those cars. I always test the interior handles to make sure they are not already loose before I remove panel. Like Alberts316 said, you can use a zip tie to hold it back up to the handle. I actually have drilled two small holes in the plastic on the handle to run 2 zip ties through in an X pattern to keep it close. 

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I’ve seen a replacement part for the ends on something like this. Can’t remember what model but if you get it figured out buy extras and sell em up front. Customer will appreciate the extra thought involved in your install.

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