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Rear window tinting

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To me it appears to be the defroster line. On my cars there is always some distortion at the lines. worse at night.

However I did see a back window done by someone really good in the Turlock area and I could not see the distortion I am used to seeing. The installer won some sema show tint event years ago.

All of these have been done by 'professionals' and I am no where near that sort of level or ability.

I would assume some brands distort less than others as well as how much if any material is removed in cleaning.


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Thanks everyone for the responses.

I decided to remove the window tinting and wondering if I could do it myself or need to take it to the installer. I had a chameleon windscreen film that I removed by hand but there seems to be some sort of stains that cannot come out and unsure on how to clear it.

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