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Hey guys, I used to frequent here what over 10 years ago. Went by the name 35 and I was pretty much just a shit stirrer.


Years on and a little bit wiser and older, I'm running (literally) to raise some much needed funds for some of our best men and I'm hoping I can get some help from some old friends for a good cause 👍


This August 27th I'm going to take on my first endurance run of 100km for charity to raise much needed funds for the Australian Commando Welfare Trust (CWT).

The CWT provides support for returning Special Forces Commandos where traditional methods are not able to. With the increased capabilities of our Combat Medics, more people are coming home. Great thing 🙏. However, it also means alot more men come home severely scarred, missing limbs or confined to a wheelchair for life. Men who can no longer play with their children, unfortunately also find themselves missing the mortgage payment or facing financial burdens they can't solve. The Australian Federal Govt just passed to conduct a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicides due to the epidemic now taking over the ADFs image, again, mostly Ex Commandos.


That should be our Debt, not Theirs, and I'm trying to do something to help 🦵🦵🦵.


Please give the page a like and a share, and even $5 helps compared to doing nothing. These men gave their life for the ideals we are so fortunate enough to be able to take for granted.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I gratefully thank you for your time ❤️❤️🙏🦵💪




Thanks legends, just got started and hoping to get going so if you can, please get behind this with me!


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