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Mismatching tint leves

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Sorry for the question, is the first car I get tinted. A 2014 Corolla.

I had my windows tinted, the shop did a good job, I had 35 on the front and 25% on the back windows  and rear windshield.  I can't see anything but the defrost lines glares. It brothers me a lot while driving. 


Now my questions are.  Would be best to change the rear windshield to a lighter tint ? Will be ok to only change the rear window and leave the other back windows at 25, or best to change all windows to match? 


Would be better to leave the rear shield without tint? 


Thank you for your help

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If you are talking about refraction of light on the defogger lines, I'd say leave it and you will probably get used to it.  It's like that on most cars with film, though some more than others due to angle of the glass and thickness of the lines.

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Been doing Toyota's a long time and specifically remember around that time, yes, the defroster lines were a lot thicker than normal.  Also worth noting, not long after that, a few years later, the defroster lines on Camry's and Corolla's starting coming off during cleaning, before install.  So there's that.   :twocents 

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