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On 6/26/2021 at 8:52 PM, Matthew1990 said:

I would be interested sim.windowfilm@gmail.com!

How do you even just create your own software? Or is it another software that your selling with your name? Always been interested in how this process is actually done!

Thanks, just sent you an email with the details. 

We develop all of our software in-house and have done so since the late 90's.

Feel free to post your experience. 

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A quick note for anyone that previously tested or is actively using DigiCut...

You can now update your version of DigiCut and receive "Nesting" features.

Nesting allows you to:

- Drag and drop templates from multiple vehicles onto the same cut area

- Rotate and rearrange templates to your preference 

Here is how to update your version:

- Go to HELP -> CHECK FOR NEW VERSION -> follow the prompts.


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