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Eastman's Core software

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A few things, the button to switch from ppf to tint always auto defaults back to ppf. There are no software settings to extract the film the 1/2 inch for cross cut on graphtec, and use have to use the plotter settings for speed control. Thats the issues I have found so far after a few hour of use. Also if you have an older plotter the software may not be compatible say with like a dgi in which I still use since 2004, that thing just keeps on trucking. Also one more thing the button also defaults back from below the gasket cut to normal cut. So you have to click that every time you cut a pattern, plus not to many settings options. Otherwise I will test some more and let you know.

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UPDATE 6/26/2021

I have tested the Core Software on A DGI Plotter, It does work also, it works similar to the Old Version Of Tinttek 2020 (the program that ended in 2008)  where after the cut it then gives the HPGL error, which is corrected by pressing the NEXT button. It still needs an option to set and extend the film after the cut. But all in all the dgi can still be used. 

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