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Hello again tintudes and dudettes

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Hey everyone long time no see no post for me. I’m back in the tint/ppf game full time.

Old Tinter’s never die they have a lifetime no purple no fade warranty …. Right? Hey that’s what the Manufactures  been telling me for years. I have been noticing a light purple tinge around the gills, should I be concerned? NAAAH!

They’ll have to just bury me where they find me, probably in the back of a new

e-mustang with an orange crush clenched in my arthritic right hand.

Is there a support group for Tinter’s 60 and older?

There should be , where do I sign up?

Ric are you still here? I’m only seeing shadows and shapes. MDog is that you? Blade wher you is son?

Stan? You’re old are you still here?

Roach! Of course you are still here, you will be around after the zombie apocalypse.

good to see you.

Any OG members left?

It’s good to be back, you youngins I need you to learn me how to do these new fancy type cars, back in my day things was much simpler.
 Likum an Stickum fellers that’s how we do.


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Wait a minute. Absolutely nowhere in your post did you mention how many cars you tint a day, how many thousands of dollars you make before lunch or that you can tint the tallest of flat glass  windows while magically levitating without the need for a ladder. Are you sure you are a window tinter?  I'm still a few years away from 60 but can I qualify for the senior group based on my arthritis? Anyway, welcome back!

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