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Commission question

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Can I ask a question. I have a tinter working for me for a few years.i pay him 35 % on commissions. Worked our great so far. Now he thinks he should be getting 35 % or the cars I upgrade to ceramic.Hes not involved on sales or talking to customers promoting Jobs

 He just installs window film. He's doing the same amount of work weather it's regular or ceramic he's installing so My question is should I be giving him 35% of the upgrade money if he's not really involved in it. I pay My$tsecretary to do that. I want to be fair with him he's a great worker. Can you tell me or point me in the right direction to find out.

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Welcome to the forum. I split your question of into its own thread.


From an installer viewpoint, a % of the price is a % of the price. Plus ceramic is usually more difficult to install, so why not pay him/her that few bucks more? 


From an owner viewpoint, you want to keep your costs as low as possible, and that upsell is some nice gravy.


If you are happy with your installer (and that's rare) it might be in your interest to cut him/her in on the upgrade IMHO.

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Agree. If a customer wants and paid for the highest quality film, they are right to expect the highest quality install which the installer should be rewarded for.


If you have a trouble free installer, that alone is worth rewarding or you'll soon find that there is a new shop in your neighborhood, which will leave you picking through the dustbin of bad habits and unreliable techs  for the next 18months.

Less margin = less headache = less resentment = greater stability, imho.

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