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Solarfx or Suntek

Guest Whysolit

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Guest Whysolit

I’m curious which one is better in color ( black 20%)  and what is more scratch resistance? because I’m thinking of getting the ceramic one and wanna know what would be the best brand 

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Between those two I'd take the Solar fx hands down. I've been running the solar fx ceramic on my Honda Pilot for about five years now and it looks as good today as the day I installed it. As far as color goes the solar fx is pretty neutral colored with a very slight brown/bronze hue, as far as the Suntek depends on which line of film the CXP is going to be the blackest of them and CIR has a green undertone but I noticed significant haze in the sample I tried. As far as scratch resistance goes in my experience the Suntek scratches extremely easily and the Solar FX you can get downright abusive with before it scratches. I've installed films from 3M, Llumar, Suntek, Solar FX, and Xpel. Xpel is my go to and what I install every day but I really don't have anything negative to say about solar fx.

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