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Tint results after a month, thoughts?

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Had my car done a little over a month ago by what seems to be a very reputable shop (and pretty much the only choice for ceramic around here).  They used Madico Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic.  For the most part, it does look great.  The hatchback window is a complete disaster though, and there's a few spots with bubbles that didn't go away and some dust and at least one hair/fibre trapped underneath.


I'm curious what people think is 'normal' and whether I'm being too picky about some of the issues, or if it's reasonable to expect it to turn out nearly perfect.




The explanation for the hatchback window was weld spatter.  The guy did the window twice and that's what it looked like the second time.  I've asked a couple other people (auto body pros, not other tinters) and they said it's possible that's what it is. You can feel the bumps if you run your hand along the inside of the hatchback window.  I have a feeling I'm out of luck on that windows, but I still can't say I'm happy with the side windows that I took pics of either.  I don't know if I'm being unreasonable or not; they did tell me that they guaranteed their work, but I don't know what that normally entails.  I'm going to contact them this week now that the month is up (and a few bubbles did work themselves out during that time) but I wanted to see what other people with much more experience thought first.

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Look man, I'm gonna be honest here.  It looks like you have an experienced excuse guy and a not so experienced tint guy.  I read your post all the way through before I looked at pics and that is not what I expected to see.  In my opinion that is an awful lot of "weld splatter", unless that vehicle has been in a bodyshop for major repairs on the rear hatch.  


I personally think that entire install could be quite a bit better and that rear glass seems to be just plain inexperience.  


There is no way to tell about that rear glass unless you pull the film and check the glass when it is completely clean.  

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Thanks for taking a look and sharing your impressions of it.


And yeah, I don't know about the weld spatter explanation either.  As far as I (and the dealer) are aware, the rear window has never been replaced.  At the same time, I can feel raised bumps through the tint film that are way too hard for me to think that they are air bubbles.  I don't know what it looked like after the first attempt that he decided to scrap and start over, and I don't know what it looks or feels like if someone scraps a tint job but fails to clean off the adhesive properly before doing round two.  If I was running a business like this I'd be sure to show the customer each step of a job that wasn't going as expected, especially if I believed I wasn't at fault, which is where most of my dissatisfaction comes from.  I was in their waiting room the whole time it was being worked on and nobody said anything to me until it was finished.


As for the other windows, I'm definitely going to complain about the rear fixed windows now that I've had time to think about it and got some other feedback.  The seams look bad (I assume they aren't actually stuck down at the very edge?  Which makes me concerned about longevity too...), and those bubbles can't really be explained as anything but installer error imo.


Could you tell me if tint not sticking to the edge of rear windows (where it looks kind of like halftone dots as the glass changes from clear to black) is normal?  And the same with the wires for the rear defroster?  The tint creates an effect almost like a lens flare when there are headlights behind me at night.

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Wow! That back glass must have been done outside on a windy day and the side glass appears as though somebody didn't rinse their fingers when picking up the pattern from the spray board (Top edge debris). There are other reasons for the debris but I'll stick with the couple presented.



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