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Tint triggering BMW dash lights to dim

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I own a 2022 BMW M340i and am looking to get it tinted. I came across a thread on Bimmerpost talking about how certain tint causes the dash light sensors to think it’s dark outside during the day. Seems like ceramic and IR blocking tint causes these issues.

I’ve called 5-10 3M tint installers as well as 3M where I spoke to one of their tint engineers.…none of them have heard of the issue. So I don’t know if it’s a widespread problem or if certain cars are more sensitive to it for some reason. Have any of you seen this issue? 

Also, given the potential issues, what are your thoughts on 3M FX or 3M Color Stable? I see that people running FX have the fewest issues, but don’t know if it’s junk or not? Any help would be appreciated! 

Window tint triggering auto-dimming on both displays during the day https://g20.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1628439

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It is a common occurrence on all vehicles with  light sensing diodes on the dash.  It can not be avoided if you are using a darker film (3M 50% Color Stable) on the windshield. You can avoid it by going with 3M Ceramic 70%, 3M Crystalline 70% or lighter on the windshield if you are strictly wanting heat rejection. 
The consequence with going darker is the headlights will turn on more often and the dash lights and radio will dim more often if you have the automatic headlights feature on. This feature can be turned off on most vehicles.  It occurs mostly around dusk.  Not really an issue with many of the new LED headlights. 

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