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Flat Glass Residential/Commercial vs Auto Tinting

Young Tinter

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Thought of another suggestion for flat glass work; I had an extra car, a used VW station wagon, that was used for this work. Why? Many condo and apartment buildings have a long-walk, designated parking area for contractors, because they don't want Vans or PU's with stuff strapped to the roof mixed in general parking. Not this guy. I'd park in any visitor slot, taking the ladder off (only if it were an 8 foot step, a 6 foot fit in the car) and slid it under the car. Never was called out on the practice, with or without a ladder.

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I avoid residential at all cost for all of the above reasons, plus unruly kids/animals, furniture in the way, crappy glass, fixtures like blinds and crappy plastics that are dry rotted with stripped hardware....commercial only unless I'm getting above and beyond top dollar.

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