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How do I get started?

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53 minutes ago, BishopDonCLoco said:

Welp I guess it really is that simple. 


Getting started = yes, that part is simple.  If you have good work ethic and a talent for the business then you should be able to get started.  Maybe not at the first place you go to but somebody, somewhere is needing help.  Whether or not you fit the bill for them or this type of work is yet to be seen.  


No it's not that simple once you get started.  Other than cleaning up and prepping for the installer (which you can still do damage at this point ) , the reality of the situation will set in when you get into working with tools and on cars that aren't yours and are expensive to fix.  Scratching glass, cutting rubbers, burning panels are all things that "might" happen and you don't want to be dealing with that on your own recourse.  


Pay attention and have patience and be careful on this journey and you will be fine.  

Try to put film on glass before you know what the tools do :nope   You won't make it.  


Good luck.  :beer  

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