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How do you track film usage/waste?


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This is more for the smaller shops that might have an employee working by themselves. The bigger shops with multiple employees rarely have someone working alone and usually have a manager of some sort to track everything.  


Keep in mind that I have never had employees, only been one.  And really haven't had anyone worry to much about film usage, soooo ,,, 


How you keep up with film being used?  How can you tell if your employee is wasting too much film or stealing film off the rolls if they are working by themselves?  Say, all day on a Saturday or for a few day while you are on vacation?  


Other than cameras everywhere, what is the best method?  I've heard of people weighing their rolls and going about it that way(kinda of average type thing). I've heard of writing measurements on the box every time film is removed.  I've heard it's best to not keep to much extra out in the install bay and keep the stock locked up.  The first place that trained me a hundred years ago used to not let us clean the floor until he told us to because he said he could tell how much was being wasted by how much is being thrown away.  :blink   Not really looking for that kind of method but wanting some input on how you guys keep up with your film inventory and make sure no-one is stealing from you?? 


Thanks in advance. :beer  

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For all the brain damage I would just close and offer everyone who calls 15% off if they book and pre pay on yhe spot. Otherwise cameras and weight would be my best option. Eons ago I worked for a guy who would drop off a box and say 'I need $---.xx flat no matter how you do it. Keep the overage, pay for the loss'.

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2 hours ago, highplains said:

I track everything as it's cut so that I can cost out the appropriate amount of film used on each vehicle. I also use a plotter so it's easy to track it that way.


I figure it will be easier if I go the plotter route.   :thumb  Just feeling out other ideas.   

Thanks for the input. :thanks  

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We use an excel document to track all of our jobs. Square footage, number of windows, sqft of film used including waste off the roll, time to complete, etc... It has turned into extremely valuable data that we use to price out future jobs and approximate how long a job will take to complete.


We used to write how much was left on the roll after cutting off of it, but quickly learned how archaic that is. moving everything to a spreadsheet was a great move for our business.

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We use Tintventory but I don't think its been available for years.


In short its algorithm is based on weighing the rolls as they go out and when returned.


Tint Wiz is still out there but We have never used it .

Maybe its worth a look . They used to advertise





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