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Can I get some suggestions on the best tourist place in Canada


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13 minutes ago, tintman Pa said:

Just curious to what part of Canada.  
TD: I was under the understanding that if you were fully vaccinated and took a covid test 24 hours before traveling you could go to Canada with out the 2 weeks quarantine. 



Good to know. :thumb2 

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On 12/21/2021 at 4:27 AM, luaramartin44 said:

My friends and me are planning to go for a trip. We are planning on these weekend. It should be budget friendly that is only condition. Can I get some suggestions on the best tourist place in Canada. Please share your thoughts..

Quebec is really cool, but Quebecians hate everyone but themselves. Especially Americans. I’ve lived across the river from them for years (it’s a bit more inland but you get it.) St. Catherine st? Or Caroline street? Whichever it is that’s the road that’s got a lot happening on it. They have the Canadian equivalent of CBGB’s and it’s really cool. Don’t park on city streets unless you know it’s safe otherwise they’ll break your back window just to steal your dirty laundry all because you have NY license plates. I speak from experience 😂 

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