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Mobile trailer advice/ electrical

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I’m phasing my way out of the toxic dealership game after almost 10 years to get my own thing off the ground. Starting off mobile before I dive into brick and mortar. I’ve sourced a solid film, a trailer, software and a plotter. What I’m trying to figure out is what’s the best yet cost effective way to power the plotter and heatgun? I don’t know if an inverter with 2 big batteries ran in parallel are the move, or getting a gas generator and making sure to open the door in the back and gave it facing out so I don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning. 

any insight would be appreciated. 

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I've ran on gennys. I would look for a puresine 4500w or bigger and put a muffler and insulated box if you dont want to drag it out everytime. 


For solar you would need mabey a pair of battleborn 100ah, 4000w magnasine inverter/charger (to add shore power when available) and at least 1000w of pannels to keep it topped off. Running on 24v is way more efficient.  


Used tesla battery? Wrecked Prius hybrid would give you enough to run an ac and lights.



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