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Stainless Steel Blades suck

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I have been using stainless steel olfa blades since I started tinting and i gotta say I do not reccomend it unless you cut directly on the vehicle or are using the blade to clean. I just recently got a plotter, but when I use the handcut I used the tracing method and cut on a glass board for BG as well. I would be constantly snapping blades to the point where it was unproductive to keep using stainless steel blades. Now that I have a plotter I will be using carbon blades to weed patterns with less headache of dull blades. Also, I heard on tintdude that tightly gripping dull blades to cut, is bad for your joints. 


Merry Christmas

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I've switched out to NT stainless for that very reason. I use the carbon blades for clear mask and wrap film only these days. I try not to use them on my peel boards and never on the cars. They will absolutely carve up the glass.


Over gripping anything in this business can cause issues. I change tools and hand positions constantly to minimize strain.

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The el-cheapo olfa in the middle is usually my blade of choice. I use the fatty on the left when my hands are sore or if I'm running heavy vinyl production. The red dot on the right I use for getting good precision cuts on ppf.

The slight position change can make a big difference. Same with the handle squeegees. 

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