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Trying to match window tint on a recently tinted boat front window that broke. Also I made it plexiglass.

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Looking to maychbthentint since it has purple shade. Last time Ibtried matching it it had greenish tint bit it worked for a season. Now I want to match it correctly and want help applying it better so Ibdon't have bubbles on the plexiglass. It was fine until it sat in a sun for a day. Amy help will be appreciated.

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There are SO MANY things wrong with this post/situation.  


Trying to match film that has a purple look to it probably means you are trying to match film that is failing and will not last much longer itself.  


You can only tint plexiglass with a static cling film. Regular adhesive window film will not last more than a few months before it fails and is not supposed to be installed on plexiglass at all.  The other problem is that static cling film will not handle the elements of being on a boat.  That type of exposure and other elements combined will not allow for that type of application.  


Solution would be to use a high performance charcoal film, in the proper shade, on real glass.  

Other option would be to use pre-tinted plexiglass.  It does exist.  

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