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Stocking my tint shop

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42 minutes ago, Sleekwhips said:

....but that’s so pricy.

Ya gotta pay to play. Stocking your shop to start out is always going to be a hefty investment up front. As far as shades go your market will dictate what you need to carry but I'd seriously consider adding a 15 or 20 to your mix.  In my shop I stock 5, 20, and 35 in a color stable dyed line as well as 5, 15, 20, 35, 55, and 70 in ceramic. I primarily use a plotter to cut so all my film is stocked in 40" rolls and I always have one full roll of film in reserve alongside the open one so I never run out of a given shade.

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Like Highplains was saying. You need to carry whatever shade is legal in your area, a medium shade and some limo.  And then possibly some windshield film. Your customers will ultimately determine what you stock them most of.

I have to add that with Llumar, you better have the customer base to keep ordering.  If you only order ever now and then and don't spend the amount of money THEY want you to spend, they will pull their film from you or go up on your pricing.  Good with them but be careful.  

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I mostly use a ton of 35% (i push the 35% i feel it's the sweet spot where you have tint and the cops don't mind it), then second is 20%. and distant 3rd is 5%.

If you want to save a few dollars get 36" rolls.

for the 35% and 20% i try to keep 40"x100' and 20"x100' rolls of each shade, if things are tight you can easily split the 40".

to answer your question maybe start with 35% and 20% and some 5% (i'm in the Northeast, you're area may have different laws and preferences. Some areas want ceramic more, around my area they just want their windows darker).

I don't know why it's important to be a Llumar dealer, i've never had a customer ask for it or any brand really, you can buy rolls here and there at a time from other companies without minimums. And the only time i saw someone install Llumar the film curved towards instead of away, i feel like that alone would drive me nuts. Just my 2 cents.


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