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Cutting window seals, standard practice? 🤔

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Firstly thanks for letting me in, I'm after opinions before I see a tinter tomorrow. 


He tinted my car in 2019 and only just found out that he cut my window seals to hide the edge of the film easier. 


He's claiming its standard practice for some cars even on brand new range rovers! 


I've only discovered it now as went to try and sort out my rear electric windows as they kept jamming and wouldn't even close fully. 


Car in question is a 2006 Audi A6 avant. 


I simply can't accept that damaging the car is standard practice. What are your thoughts /methods? 



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Sorry my terminology probably isn't quite right. 


On my car the bottom seal to the window attaches to the rest of the window frame seal. 


In the pics you can see the metal centre of the seal where it would of been attached to the rest of the seal. He has cut the seal so it cam lift away, but now it doesn't sit correctly where it needs to be so isnt as flush as factory finish with unmolested seals. 


Due to this cut he also had to redo the tint originally as I now think the sharp bit of metal in the seal was rubbing on the film


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