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Looking to relocate to Idaho(poct area)

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I am a professional window tinter in Las Vegas Nv,!Ive been tinting windows since 1981 and Im looking for a shop owner in Idaho that would be interested in finding a tinter that has long surpassed ALL THE BULLSHIT and PROBLEMS that seem to  come with this occupation ! Dont want to create a book here,just want to find a nice shop with fair owners that would be interested in finding a seriously good clean working tinter to add to their arsenal!Im not a prima donna,Im not looking to take anyones place,or make any waves! I donot do drugs,might like to have a Jack and coke once in a while though! Care more about how my work looks than how much I make or how quick I can get it done! I am a very good team player and if given the chance would be a very good weapon for your shop! Please feel free to send any questions you have or any intrest in maybe adding me to your shop! Im in my 50s,but honestly ,can hang with any age of any tinter out there! Looking forward to talk soon,Im way tired of this shit hole called Las Vegas!

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