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Some advice for a newbie please

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Good morning everyone hopefully y’all are having a great day. I’m here to ask a few questions about tinting. First off what is the best way to start learning tinting? I don’t have the money for classes, but I can buy some cheap film and tools to get started. Obviously in the future classes maybe be an option but right now I need to know what I can do to start. Are there any free resources that I can use to be successful in the beginning? Also for the experienced tinters, how did you learn, and did you take classes or self teach yourself? How did you practice for success?

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Presuming the questions are related to cars:


~ Classes can serve as a jump start, not as a means of entering the market. Classes give a person insight into the 'how to' and into whether or not they are cut out for the trade.


~ Free visual resources can be found through a search of this site or over at YouTube.


~ Practice on your own vehicle first and foremost before asking friends and family to guinea pig their vehicle. You should be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses by the end of friends and family.


Personally, I was self-taught and was a natural (naturals are few and far between). It can take anywhere from a couple of months steady practice to in excess of 6, 8, 10+ months to achieve skills worthy of public payments. Everyone is different in their ability to hone their skills IF, they are capable of installing film.


Things to ask yourself:


~ Am I an artist in any shape or form? Film just becomes another type medium.

~ Am I good with children? Patience is key.

~ Am I an engineer/McGyver type person who easily thinks through challenges in the moment? Installing film is a challenging task.

~ Am I good and steady with my hands (Not with the women but with other type delicate things such as window film)? Window film damages easily.

~ Ever successfully laid wallpaper, cupboard paper, vinyl or other large sticky backed material? This helps as a jump start.

~ Am I able to understand the correlation between thin plastic and the impact of a heat source directed at it? Window film has the capacity to expand when heated and shrink as it cools using direct heat to form film to curve surfaces. Mastery of this process takes the most time.


If zero of the above asks fit you, I suggest another trade. 2 or more you have a chance and if all six, you might be a 2 monther.


Good luck!

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