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Hi I am new to the forum.

Me and my buddy are interested opening tint &ppf shop.

We contact xpel for the training session. The person represent xpel told me since there is already authorized dealership ( shop is about 30 miles away) near where we want to open our shop.  They can not help us !?! He told me we can not attend train session either I did not know xpel training is only for the authorized dealership ONLY?! But in their website doesn't indicate anything about authorized dealership only training.

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Llumar has the same practices with controlling the amount of shops in the area that have their product.  Both Llumar and Xpel have the right to control their product any way they want to.  If they don't want to offer their product to you, they don't have to and no one can force them to allow you to attend classes or carry their product.  They have control and can do with it as they see fit.  Sorry.  :sorry 


edited to say that most decent distributors have this sort of practice.  Or at least say they do.  Some of them stretch their standards and sell to shops a little closer together than what they say they don't allow.  Anyway, this is to try and not flood the area with all of the same product.  Competition brings more business and if there is only one product in town, the demand will go down and their will be no customers. 

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