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Anyone know about artscape film?

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So I have a client that has been frosting windows as needed over time. He was supplying the film... Gila frost.


We used up what he had and asked me to get some. Went to home Depot and they didn't have any frost. Ended up getting Artscape brand. 


Pulled off the linee and it wasn't sticky. 


Anyone know about this brand? It doesn't say it's a stick cling type film... Maybe the water will activate it. I know they try to make the diy films as easy to install as possible...


Just boggles my mind....





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You can also get an Oracal vinyl in frost that is almost identical to look at with a pressure sensitive adhesive if you have doubts. I have ordered it from Grimco and Tubelite in the past. 24" up to 48" last time I checked. Layed it with 20/80 rapidtac/water.

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Just for future reference in case anyone comes across this film - This is what customer support told me:





Artscape window films have no adhesives and do not require any. Our films stay on the glass by cohesion and atmospheric pressure, the ago old suction cup principle.


We have been successfully manufacturing and selling our window films all over the world for 24 years and counting. If applied correctly they will stay on the window until you wish to take them down. However, we recommend replacement periodically as they do age over time with exposure to light, heat air etc.



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