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Tinting boat windows (ROOKIE)

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So I am a complete newbie to the tint world or game. Just did my first google search today on window tint. So little briefing: Ive had several local guys here in Virginia give me a quote on coming out and tinting my 5 windows on my charter boat. This boat has been getting a make over this winter. I just recently got all 5 windows re done. The glass and frames are completely brand new.  They are solid flat glass. So at first I was kinda on the fence about tinting them due to visibility running at night. However, got to thinking 95% percent this boat is only used in the middle of the day so visibility shouldn’t be a problem. Main reasoning for doing this is to try keep the cabin cooler. So the big questions.... What tint should I use? Ceramic? or what.  Like I said Im a newbie and will be attempting this on my own so Id rather not break the bank because this stuff could potentially be getting ripped right back off if visibility is to much of an issue. Also, where can I buy it?  iI need 30”x216” to do all the windows. hope this isn’t to dumb of a question. Thanks for all input. 



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If heat reduction is the goal I would absolutely use ceramic.


Also that install is going to wear you out getting it right if you're not used to handling film on the regular. I would find an installer and offer a days fishing charter for two with bait, poles and beer in trade for a ceramic install. Since you were probably going fishing anyway, everybody wins.

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I want to add to @Dano awesome response. Good idea on the fishing trip swap.  :yep  :thumb  


Yes, ceramic would be the way to go, but I have to add.  Window tint is not designed to stand up to the elementary factors you are going to put it through.  Open air water exposure, either salt or freshwater, is going to destroy the exposed coating(the scratch coat) and reduce its life by 1/2 to 3/4 depending on how much you are on the water.   Salt of course is going to cause damage faster than fresh but this is something you need to be aware off.  Performance might not be on the level you are expecting also but it will help.  I'm not saying it won't be beneficial but it's not quite the same as a car or building with all the differences in elements involved.  


Nice boat. :jealous        

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