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2018 Tesla model S GPS Problem

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Customer states that the gps is no longer working after tinting his car. He also said his car will not connect to his home wifi.

We did not tint the windshield. So wondering whats up or maybe the problem was already there and just happened the day after we tinted his car.

Does anyone have info. I have never had this happen, the car is also out of warranty for this. Also the wifi antenna is located in the mirrors. So I don't understand

how that happened as well. I guess I just wait and see the outcome. I talked to another shop that has done hundreds of these car and he's never had it happen to him.

I guess the only way to make sure your not buying some ones pre existing or intermintet problem is, i guess verify everything works before the car is tinted.

I let you guys know the outcome.

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more info
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I always get a signed waiver up front before working on those and just about anything thats Euro or electric.


I would check the tesla forums. Also look for a technical service bulletin (TSB) that may have been issued. NHSTA may have some complaints registered as well. Good luck.

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Here's a couple of possibilities, but they should be considered presumptive reaching:


WIFI antenna in side mirrors may have receiver/connections in the door that could get wet?   Stretch, since moisture from rain could intrude; engineers should/would design around this possibility.


GPS receiver/antenna under rear dash (in trunk)?  Moisture intrusion when rear window film was installed? Hmm, don't see this much these days (see ending sentence).


Heavy metalized window film installed with GPS antenna under rear dash? NOT!? Heavy metalized window film for auto has been extinct for years.


It would be helpful for defense purposes to know where the critical components of the two systems are located. If not in harms way of install solutions, then I'd call 'BS'.

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Won't connect with home WiFi? What the H; is his car another room in the house?
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