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Need advice on roll supply/initial order

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I say this as nice as I can. I really mean no disrespect. And if I'm wrong, then I'm sorry up front, BUT, this question makes me think you have no idea what you are doing and that you need to do a little more studying on how to do residential/ commercial film. Either that or you are really, really new to the film game period.  juss sayin  


First off, do you realize how many different types of film there are for that type of business.  Not to mention different roll sizes for each type of film?  That is an amazing number once you figure it out.  :gasp 


Second off, you don't even need film on hand.  Not many people (except for smaller jobs) need you do to do the install when you first see the job.  In most cases, you look, quote, bid, measure, etc. the job first and then order the proper film for said job, then install said job.  


These are just a couple of simple things you should know before ordering anything. So slow down before you order a bunch of film you don't need.  


Again, if I'm wrong I'm sorry, but you don't sound like you are ready to start ordering film.  In my opinion. 

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Its been a while since I posted here, But ill through you a bone. Do you need a roll of each film...NO. Should you have inventory ..YES. What inventory do you need ? ..It depends on who you plan to sell too. Resi clients.. Have a nice neutral 50% film in stock. Commercial..Have a roll of Silver 20 and a roll of DR15 and maybe a roll of DR35. These  will likely be easy sells and frequent movers for a large sector. Learn all the specs and know them. Know what they all mean and be able to explain it like you are talking to a 5 year old. Learn your competitions product line and be able to point out reasons your film is better. We stock about 500 rolls of film at all times, It took years to be able to do this financially. But when we get calls to do 3K sf of frost or Dusted Crystal etc.. We can be there tomorrow. And don't have to wait on material. Or be at the mercy of supply chain issues. It also allows us to sell what we know we can furnish immediately.

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Little late on the post....see if you can just do the buy in as a film credit towards future purchases. Getting started, it's pointless to waste money on inventory. This is especially true when just about every major film supplier can have film to you within 2 days. Inventory is built from scraps and film overages from other jobs. I rarely even keep that anymore, as the materials are billed per job. There will only be a small handful of films that you will ever consider keeping a roll or 2 laying around, and that's only if you sell a ton of it. If you don't sell it every week or so, don't stock it. Everyone has a different opinion though, and everyone runs their business differently. Find your groove, and roll with it.   

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