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film suggestions for a sunroom that has low e panes. looking for glare reduction

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For Optivision 15 dual-reflective film.


You will need to confirm whether or not the lowE glazing is a hi-performance lowE: low E2, low E3, or low E4. Hi-perf low E works by retaining man-made heat (being lost through the glass) AND repelling a substantial amount of solar energy. Hi-perf low E glass has the capacity to reject 60%, upwards to 94% (low E4) of the sun's energy.


If the lowE is the old standard coating that works by retaining man-made it in the room (only), then I'd suggest it be a no go.


If you need assistance in determining which type of low E coating you are facing, you can using a meter to determine the performance or you can read the following and learn a simpler way:


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