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Bell 429 Helicopter

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Anybody in the greater Houston area have any experience tinting glass on a helicopter?  It’s a Bell 429. 
Client desperately looking for someone to tint his windows on this aircraft.

He is well aware of the complexities with plexiglass. He had a gentleman who used to tint for him annually (same vessel), but Covid changed that, unfortunately.   There have been no takers thus far.

Just trying to help the gentleman out.BE15C172-8E3F-4746-83CE-D2A22ED18F7D.jpeg.4445cb4ad70a6a094a55621fa489346d.jpegBE15C172-8E3F-4746-83CE-D2A22ED18F7D.jpeg.4445cb4ad70a6a094a55621fa489346d.jpeg


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