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I have been using Avery Dennison Ceramic pro series has anyone heard of them before?

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I have been using their film a few months now and ive noticed lots of trouble with customer support. I also felt like the film itself doesnt shrink very well... What about you guys have you heard anything about their film? I want the best quality film for my customers.

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For myself the best film without all the gimmicks is Global. It's color is stable for years and shrinks like a dream. I usually only use the top two tiers of products in any brand, HP and Ceramic. 


If you need the sales collateral to lean on then Xpell or Llumar have good products and brand recognition.


I didn't really enjoy the 3M or Suntek. Great brands but I didn't like the way the film handled.


Ive seen plenty of products cycle through the industry marketed as the Gucci of films and usually have a Gucci price for you, and to pass on to your customers. It's miserable to watch the reputational damage to the shops when it fails.

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