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Did I get a bad tint job?

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Less than 24 hrs after I picked up my Model 3 I had a local shop do my tint with 35% Ceramic Global film and 1 piece back window. This place has 300+ 5 star reviews and owned by a husband a wife team (the husband does the tint while the wife does the fro t desk stuff). A few weeks after after the job, I noticed small bubbles which looks like from dust /hair. The back window had about 30+ of these, while the side windows had 2-3 each. I brought it back and asked the owner about it and his response was “no tint job is perfect and that’s normal” he gave me a plastic squeegee and said “you can use this and try to get the bubbles out (first big red flag). I’m thinking, “I’ll live with it”. Fast forward to 4 months later, bigger bubbles start to form along the tint line. I brought it back showed him the picture before we went outside to look at it, (since it was raining) once again he said “that’s normal” and there’s a flaw in your Tesla’s defrost line. I asked him to pull it off and start over, or rip it all off and I want a full refund. He got defensive told his wife “you deal with him since he’s bitching about every details” I was so shocked that I left. The hair I can imagine from his dog who he has running around the shop. My question is, for those who own a tint business, what is acceptable for small I imperfectIon. 2-3? 10? 20? At this point I’m afraid to even go back to have him take it off even if I can convince him to remove it all. Since I’m afraid he may cause some damage or does a horrible job removing it. Here’s some pictures of the job. Any advice would be appreciated.










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9 hours ago, pbalentine said:

Id tell them to call it quits and go elsewhere. 

That's pretty harsh. I could find just as many imperfections in the paint and fitment.


The fuzz is more likely to be a fibre from the carpet/trim cover or something just floating in the air than an animal. If it were animal related there would be more and bigger. It is not optimal for aesthetics and I would personally replace the film on that pannel....unless the customer came in overly hot. 

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