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2017 Ford F150 Windshield

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Tried a number of windshield visor strips on my truck and haven't liked them. Also have tinted the entire windshield 50% but I got pulled over. My issue is with the visor strips is at night I feel it gets in my line of sight. I've tried even doing a straight cut one high at the AS1 line. These have been all 5% strips. The contrast between the clear window and the dark strip bothers my eyes for some reason



So thinking two things or both. Either tint the whole windshield with a 70% Ceramic tint. How obvious is a 70% tinted windshield? Is it pretty much clear or is it obvious it is tinted? 50% I didint notice much from the inside but the outside on a overcast day or overcast light it was obvious and was a Grey. That was with a dyed tint. 50% is the lightest you can usually go in that.




Second, would a 15% visor strip be worth trying? Or would it not be worth it and worthless? 15% is the next lightest I could go and wondering if the contrast between the clear windshield and strip would not bother my eyes as much? 


I have 20% on my front two roll ups and 20% over the factory tinted rears so they end up around 5%. I do want to do something with the windshield to cut down a little bit of the light  coming in just a hair because it's the only untinted glass on the vehicle. 

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Is 70% noticeable on a overcast day like 50%? A local tinter has a 65% Ceramic which is his lightest film. I'm never heard of 65% but I guess that's basically a 70%. Don't know who makes it. 

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It's less noticeable than the 50% but if you're looking for it you can generally tell it's there. I think @Dano's recommendation is spot on, go for a 70 or 80 ceramic and add the strip later if you feel you need it. I will say that if you didn't like the contrast on your visor strips previously you're not likely to like it going forward. The visual difference between a 15% and 5% strip isn't going to be that noticeable. If you wanted less contrast a 35% strip may be a better fit but the utility of one that light may be questionable, although it may be closer to the old blue shaded windshield strips so it may still be worthwhile. 

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As far as full windshield tint, I'm debating 70% and 80%...somebody offers a 65%, don't know the brand. I don't want it to be too obvious that the windshield is tinted. I'm considering the Llumar AIR 80 but wondering how better the specs are on a 65-70% film?

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