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Absentee Tint Shop Owners?

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Thinking of opening a tint shop, but have a few things kind of working against me. 


1 - Never tinted anything in my life. But I have really strong marketing skills and I know I can bring in business. 

2 - Not sure how to hire someone who would tint and run the shop. Problem here is that the employee/manager could steal, not show up on time, quit etc... 


So are there any absentee tint shop owners in here? How did you go about setting all this up?



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46 minutes ago, dimcoorg said:

 Problem here is that...

They could also carelessly waste materials, scratch paint, fry electronics and riun customer relations. I've never seen this work out well without someone there in person to babysit the installer. 


Most tinters will have zero respect for an owner who's not there and cant replace them on the spot.


The installers who have good discipline are usually self employed already or at high volume shops with a sales team and good management.


The leftovers are either inexperienced, unmotivated or have substance issues that prevent them from hitting the numbers needed to turn a profit. 

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Think about the # of businesses that fail when the business owners are hands-on working for like 100 hrs a week and you don't want to be there at all? 


This business requires a high level of quality because each customer will tell 2 friends, and they'll tell 2 friends, etc. 





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