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A question about Carbon tint

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I just did a basic research about the car tint type. Most of the website gives a tint level as DYED tint is at the very basic level, then Metallized and the Carbon tint, and the Ceramic tint is the best. 

I also found some of the tint website said the Carbon Color Stable tint is a superior grade of the entry-level DYED tint.  

My question is the Carbon Color Stable tint the same as the Carbon tint?  If so, the Carbon Tint is actually a kind of high level Dyed tint. Am I right?

SunTek has Carbon and Carbon XP for car tint. What does the XP mean? Is that a next generation of the Carbon tint?


Really appreciate to help me  

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Carbon largely gets used as a marketing buzz word and as a result muddies the water causing confusion. There are very few true carbon films out there, most have just enough added during the dye process to justify use of the name. To answer your first question, yes most "carbon color stable" films are just a better quality dyed film. In the case of the two films you mentioned Suntek Carbon is a dyed film and CarbonXP, or as it's more commonly known CXP, is their ceramic film and will offer higher heat rejection.

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