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Newbie Needs vinyl cutter help

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I’m thinking of getting rid of my vinyl cutter. It’s a 24” Roland GX-24 and it works fine, I just don’t have room for it anymore. I’d like to replace it with something with a smaller footprint, probably either a Silhouette or Cricut. But I know nothing about the current crop of vinyl cutters, and am looking for advice from you all, since I know quite a few of you do have them.

Besides the smaller footprint, I’m interested in something that I can upload my own designs to, without paying a subscription. I don’t care if it’s WiFi connected. I am interested in print-and-cut, and something that can cut a variety of materials, thick and thin.

What say you, folks? I’d love to hear your suggestions as well as any watch outs. Thanks!

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I'm calling shenanigans on this thread and the posters.


No self respecting installer would be using these craft store turds in a professional environment. Coincidentally both participants have empty profiles, no introduction and pro style machines that they just don't seem to need. Golly, I wonder if those pro units might be for 'sale'.


Linguistics in scamming are generally constructed, as such, as to be believable enough to be genuine and to make the crook appear to be a sucker while luring in a 'mark' that thinks they can take advantage of their niativity.


Many forums may not have the community in spirit to watch out for these attemps. This ain't that place partners and most here arn't on their first rodeo and can spot a clown, even when they hide in a barrel.


I predict two bans and a deletion. Prove me wrong Prince.

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Cricut Explore Air 2 the whole way. I have the 4 Plus (15") currently and have had 2 previous models. I also have these USCutter MH 34in, but it hasn’t even been looked at in years. I run a window tinting and vinyl application business and purchased this to get started. I have used it for several large jobs now and am more than satisfied! 

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