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AIR 80 / 24" x 100'

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I have a brand new roll of Air 80 - 24" and it's a full roll. Still has the factory tape and it's in the bag. Make me an offer on this. I don't believe I can make use of it at my shop. I generally go with 36-in which covers most windshields.

That's 200 ft² of film. If you can use it make me an offer!

Best Regards

Stewart/ SunShades Glass Tinting

Alpharetta, GA. 678-463-2361 





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Bro, that's a ton of money sitting there for some sets of doors on SUV's for people that don't really like tint, but are still hot.  


Run some sort of "heat special for people who don't want tint" and do doors at a (still good) discounted ceramic price.  Old people will also go for this.  If you sell it right, you can make plenty of money on a roll you don't think you will use.  Don't throw away that money.  Just sell that a little differently and keep that money.  


just my two cents. :beer   

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Pure profit, excellent. You could always stop by the local dermatologist and optometrist office and talk to the staff. I'll bet a good number of them don't even know it's available.


Bham is correct about the geezers. I've also done quite a few in light ceramic for DOT compliance.

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